Kimcote and Walton WI usually meet on the first Thursday of the month but as that would have been 2nd January members decided to give themselves a little longer to recover from the festivities and so it was postponed until the second week. But didn’t we get off to a flying start! Two new members signed up immediately and a guest from another local group expressed interest in dual membership as she lives in Walton. How did this come about? Ah well, for a number of years we have met at the Chapel Room in Walton but largely because of the speakers that we have engaged over the last year or so needing more space and an increase in membership we made the decision to move back to the hall that the villages share. Revamped, redecorated, re-kitchened, reheated – what wasn’t to love! And on the back of that move one of our members has taken it upon herself to ensure that our meetings are posted on the village hall web page! So, check us out! And come along!

This month a local lady, Tara, inspired us to create arrangements using glass, water retaining bubbles (resembling either frog spawn, chopped up jelly or tapioca depending on your mood), various oddments for decorations and floating candles to brighten the grey days and long nights. The possibilities would be endless also quick and easy to do. All in all a hands on way for us to begin 2020 which boasts a full programme of meetings with more good speakers and events.