Spirit of Denman

About Denman

Learning and Development has always been at the heart of the WI since its very beginning. Experience the Spirit of Denman as your next learning adventure in a long history of delivering added value to WI members and the community at large.

Denman at Home

Like-minded people from all over the globe can take part in our online courses, learning new skills, brushing up on their history or taking their hobby to the next level. It’s all there for every ability and every interest. Since the launch of Denman at Home in May 2020, we’ve had over 87,000 different people join our online courses and events. Will you be next to discover that hidden talent you never knew you had?

Denman on Demand

Tune into pre recorded demonstrations and talks at a time which suits you!

Denman on Tour

Join us for an escorted tour around different intimate locations around UK.


Update about Denman

Letter from Hilary Haworth,

Letter from the Charity Commission