Welcome to Example Federation

Janet KirkFederation Chairman

Leicestershire and Rutland Federation of WI's Address:  WI House, 135 Loughborough Road, Leicester LE4 5LQ

Telephone: 0116 2661342

Email wihouse@lrfwi.org

Hours of business: 9.30 am to 1.30 pm Monday-Thursday

Welcome to the Leicestershire & Rutland

The Leicestershire and Rutland Federation was formed in 1918.   We have expanded since then and currently have 137 WIs through the two counties. These range from small village ones with a few members to larger ones with over 100 members – so whatever your age or interests, there is sure to be a WI not too far away from you waiting to welcome you. 

All the different WIs offer fun and friendship and a chance to learn new skills. There is usually a speaker at the monthly meetings, and time to socialise with fellow members. Other activities, such as walks, outings or craft groups feature on the WI calendar depending on the interests of the members. If you are new to an area, it is a wonderful way to make friends. 

The Federation sub-committees also offer members a varied programme of events on topics such as health, science, public affairs, leisure activities, art, crafts and cookery. The staff at our newly refurbished offices in Leicester will be very happy to help you find a WI to suit you.

Janet Kirk
Federation Chairman

From Our Federation Treasurer.
Subscriptions still need to be paid but you can deduct the pooling of fares contributions. If you have already sent your subscriptions the pooling of fares contribution will be refunded in due course. Refunds of ticket money for our cancelled events will be made when possible.

WI House Closed

With immediate effect, we are sorry to advise that WI House will be closed until further notice.  If you have any urgent queries, please email the office at wihouse@lrfwi.org or fedsec@lrfwi.org and these will be answered, if possible.   Anything else, please contact Janet at janetkirk@lrfwi.org or Linda at lindamartin@lrfwi.org

We have been informed that the following events have now been cancelled

Speakers Audition 27 April

Time for Tea at Thurnby 14 June

Rutland Speakers Audition 25 June

Federation Quiz 3 July

Tour and Tea at Leicester Botanic Gardens  30 June and 9 July

Speaker Audition 30 July

What’s Next in Crochet 6 June

Canvas Work Embroidery 4 July

All events at Denman have also been closed until 1 July.

Members who have applied for the new Monthly Draw, please note that we will be refunding your cheques as the draw will be cancelled for this year.  Also members who applied for the Denman Dip, your cards will be held until next year’s draw at the ACM.

If a County News newsletter is produced, please note that this will be emailed out to WIs or available here on the website.

County News April 2020