DigitaI Information

This site will bring together the MCS, the Moodle and information for  Website users to conform with the County News who will also have a Technology Corner.

Many members are totally confused as to exactly what is what with regard to the Internet systems available to and used by WI, so here are the explanations:

MCS(MembershipCommunicationSystem) - this is the NFWI national database on which are recorded the names and contact details of all individual WI members in England and Wales.   Think of it as a computerised card index system if you like. Each Federation has its own MCS Co-ordinator.  Each WI should have its own MCS Rep to look after its member records.

WEBSITE Each Federation to have its own set of pages. Each Federation has its own Federation Web Editor and the hope is that eventually, each individual WI will have its own Web Editor.    If you have a member who would like to manage some web pages for your WI.

MyWI- A website designed exclusively to enhance members’ experience of the WI and WI membership. TheMy WIwebsite contains everything from advice on running a charity and the WI constitution, to brand new craft projects and cookery ideas, and combine information with inspiration, as well as connecting with every member throughout the organisation, whatever her level of involvement.  In order to have access toMyWI, members must have an up-to-date email address stored on their MCS record.  Your WI’s MCS Reprecentative or Federation Office can check to see if you do have an email addressed stored in this way.

It should be noted that each one of these web systems is subject to the most rigorous security features, and all are governed by the Data Protection Act. The MCS is the system which causes the most worry, but as long as you have ticked the Data Protection Box, NFWI are obliged to keep your details purely for their own use and are not allowed by law to pass on those details to any other organisation.   It should also be remembered that each system requires unique and discrete usernames and passwords.