Pennies for Friendship 2024


To: All WIs

From: Chairman, Public Affairs & International Committee

Date: 8 November 2023

Re: Pennies for Friendship Envelopes

Every year we collect donations for Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW) in the form of Pennies for Friendship. ACWW aims:

TO RAISE the standard of living for rural women everywhere in the world - and their families through education, training and community development programmes​

TO PROVIDE practical support to its members and help them set up income-generating schemes​

TO SUPPORT educational opportunities for women and girls, and help eliminate gender discrimination​

TO GIVE rural women a voice at an international level through links with UN agencies and bodies​

In 1939 then Chairman of Finance Mrs. Godfrey Drage had the idea of asking every single member of every ACWW to donate at least the smallest coin of her country each year. ​Back then a penny brought a loaf of bread and so Pennies for Friendship was born! ​

Please forward your donations to WI House before the end of February 2024.  A named envelope is enclosed for use.

Many thanks,

Glenice Wignall