This Committee is concerned with all matters of current public interest, including education, housing, transport, the environment, rural issues and international friendship. It forms a liaison between NFWI and members on these matters and encourages members to take an active part and to co-operate with other bodies where appropriate. Enquiries are sent out from time to time to ascertain WI opinions and to obtain valuable information.

It shall draft any resolutions on matters of concern to this Committee which the Board of Trustees might wish to put forward for possible selection for LRFWI Annual Council Meetings or NFWI Annual Meetings. It shall be responsible for the organisation of Resolutions procedures for the Federation.

The Committee also undertakes follow-up work on Resolutions and continues to work where there is an existing mandate. Committee Members advise WIs to help with Resolutions and also with Associated Countrywomen of the World (ACWW). Since it was formed in 1930, ACWW has worked to link together all countrywomen to promote friendship and goodwill and to raise the standard of living of rural women everywhere. The money to keep ACWW alive is raised by collection of Pennies for Friendship donated by the WIs and presented to the Federation Chairman at the ACM.

Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 10am.

PositionNameWI Group
Chairman and Science Co-ordinatorGlenice WignallHumberstone WI
Vice Chairman and Resolutions AdviserSue MottramStoke Golding WI
Elected MembersSue KirkBarkby and Beeby WI
 Chris ParkerBarkby and Beeby WI
Climate Change AmbassadorJenny Berry