Meeting held fourth Tuesday in each month at 7pm.

This committee is responsible for:

  • * Assisting WIs with any help they require to run themselves and co-ordinating groups
  • * Visiting WIs to advise on how the WI works
  • * Forming new WIs
  • * Amalgamating and suspending WIs
  • * Training officers for the work they do
  • * Informing WIs of the work of both the National and County Federations
  • * Advising on matters of constitution



WI Group


Janet Kirk

Barkby and Beeby WI

WI Advisers

Mandy Cutler

Hinckley Canalside WI


Joy Hoult

Stoney Stanton WI


Alma Wright

New Barkby WI

Support Advisers

Anne Fullagar

Stoke Golding WI