Leisure Committee

Leisure Committee


Meeting held third Wednesday every month 10.00am

This committee is responsible for encouraging all types of sport and allied leisure time activities amongst WI members.  Committee members are always willing to visit WIs, to assist new groups and also to suggest suitable coaches for sports tuition.

Maxilyn Geary - Birstall and Wanlip WI

Vice Chairman
Ruth Mays-Great Glen WI

Alma Wright - New Barkby WI

Elected Members
Diane Brown -  Groby WI

Penny Weston Webb - Cossington WI

Margaret Osborne - Hollycroft WI

Skittles Final 2019/2020


Breedon on the Hill won and Ashby Spa were runners up in the Federation Skittles competition.

Darts Final 2019/2020

An exciting Darts final between Great Bowden WI and Thorpe Acre WI. Both teams won 3 legs so it was all down to the final leg which was close but Thorpe Acre won. All this was followed by a lovely supper.

Thorpe Acre team Sue Young, Jo Seddon, Linda Lawson, Julie Elliott.

Great Bowden team Diane Turner, Sharon Webb, Pat Miller, Pat Monk.

Darts Darts

Thorpe Astley                          Great Bowden

Skittles Final 2018/19

Kirby Muxloe verses Loddington

The winning team was Kirby Muxloe WI photo to the left, and the members who played were Jean Chamberlain, Sylvia Hutchins, Lynne Lewis, Sue Black, Robbie Grundy, Sue Laidler, Anne Brunt and Joyce Wright. (names in order of photograph)

The runners up were Loddington WI. The team members were chosen from the 12 in the picture and are Tessa Halliwell, Di Ford, Cathie Walker, Maggie Mortell, Kate Mosley, Rachel Crisp, Tricia Marston, Maureen Pick, Diana Wright, Ruth Jarvis, Pene Rowe, Barbara Pickering. Right at the left is Glenice Wignall, vice chair of the Federation, who presented the trophies.

Comments from Mary Oughton who has run the skittles for many years

It was a very good and enjoyable evening with almost 40 members attending. The winner was Kirby Muxloe WI I have run the skittles for over 20 years but this was my last one. How could it get any better when the winner was the WI to which I belong! I had never seen them play before, but they were very good and I wish them well next year.

I also hope that someone will volunteer to run the skittles in the future."