Board of Trustees 2021-2023

Meetings 4th Wednesday in each month, times to be arranged

PositionNameWI Group
ChairmanGlenice WignallHumberstone WI
Vice ChairsGail WooliscroftHathern WI
TreasurerLinda MartinThurnby and Bushby WI
Elected MembersMaxilyn GearyBirstall and Wanlip WI
 Mary HobbsHathern WI
 Janet KirkBarkby and Beeby WI
 Susan WoollardGreat Bowden WI
Co-opted MembersBeverly BlackburnBirstall and Wanlip WI
 Sue LobbWigston Magna WI
 Rita CavesEarl Shilton Afternoon
 Rosemary HeyesAshby Castle