Resolutions 2021

2020/21 Resolution Shortlist

1.A call to increase awareness of the subtle signs of ovarian cancer

Every two hours in the UK someone dies of ovarian cancer. Making sure GPs and the public know what to look for will not only ensure the early detection and treatment of this disease, but transform lives today and for generations to come. NFWI calls on WI members everywhere to help increase awareness of the subtle signs of ovarian cancer.

2.Stop women dying prematurely from coronary heart disease (CHD)!

Coronary heart disease (CHD) is twice as deadly for women in the UK than breast cancer. To avoid premature deaths caused by a lack of awareness of the symptoms and misdiagnosis, the NFWI calls on WI members to improve understanding among the public and healthcare professionals of the symptoms of a heart attack and its prevalence in society, particularly among women, and to campaign to tackle inequalities in treatment.

3.Racism and discrimination

Systemic racism and discrimination is still a prominent challenge in society. The global protests surrounding the Black Lives Matter Movement have once again emphasised the extent of the inequality and injustice that people from BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) communities still face across a wide range of settings including the justice system, employment, education and healthcare.

The NFWI and its members, in furtherance of their duties as citizens, agree to take concrete action to stamp out racial inequalities including by:

*campaigning for decision-makers to implement the recommendations of existing reviews on racial inequality, and taking action following forthcoming reviews;
*raising public awareness of these issues; and
*otherwise taking suitable action to increase recognition of, and help to address, this inequality and injustice.

4.Now’s the time to act! Protect your nature space to create wildlife-friendly communities

UK wildlife is in decline, but solutions exist within all our communities. The NFWI calls on its members to participate in national schemes and local organisations and mobilise their groups to take action to protect wildlife in their own or local green spaces, protecting biodiversity and the environment, and creating a network of accessible wildlife-friendly communities throughout the UK.

5.Stop the destruction of peat bogs to tackle climate change

Peat cutting for compost is harming both our natural environment and our efforts to tackle climate change. 80% of peatlands in the UK are damaged and release millions of tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere each year. The WI calls on its members to cease using peat-based compost, to persuade others to cease using it and to work with garden centres to encourage them to stock alternative products which already exist, thereby reducing the demand for peat to be harvested.

Date: 16th October 2020

Dear all,

Following the NFWI Resolution Shortlist Selection meeting on 1st October 2020, I am writing to share with you the final shortlist, which you will find attached, that was chosen by member delegates and federation representatives.

As the shortlist has now been checked by the NFWI solicitors, and any changes in wording agreed with the proposers, it can be cascaded to the wider membership.

Please note that all of the proposing WIs have been contacted prior to this memo being sent out to inform them of the outcome of their resolution submissions. Providing the issue falls within the WI’s charitable objects, WIs are welcome to take forward their resolutions on a local level and/or submit a resolution next autumn for the 2021/22 process.

The shortlisted resolutions will now be taken forward for further debate and voting by members, which will be supported by briefing materials and resources provided by NFWI. These will be available on the NFWI website and My WI on 2nd November. The shortlist and voting slip will also be included in the November issue of WI Life.

For information, I am attaching the 2020/21 resolutions process timetable which was circulated in the August mailing and includes the key upcoming dates.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with the Public Affairs Department via email ( or phone (020 7371 9300 ext.238).